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Scouting Report- C.J. Stroud



QB #7 C.J. Stroud, OHST, 2023

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Jr. Aligns at QB for OHST. Average size; slighter frame. 2 year starter at OHST. Rare two-year production. Quality starter who combines above average arm strength with concise decision making, proper accuracy, and the athletic ability to win with his legs. Exceptional tape vs GAUN. Balanced wide drop. Gets to the top and fires with easy velocity. As a passer, he is very good. Identifies mismatch opportunities on tape and consistently gave give his elite receiver group a chance 1v1. Frequently not forced to get to third read but can if necessary. Ball placement and decided target kept the ball out of harm’s way. Shows accuracy at all levels. Can add touch in the short area for a more catchable ball, layers at the second level, and drops throws deep. Prefers to add easy zip but will adjust velocity based on necessity. Will miss some tight window throws but the misses are appropriately placed to avoid potential turnovers. Accuracy diminishes when the interior of the pocket collapses and he is forced to throw without his feet. Will also miss some throws outside the pocket. Maneuvers the pocket well for the most part. Feels frontside pressure and collapsing pockets but will occasionally get his feet stuck in the ground and get hit by backside pressure. His play when faced with pressure can diminish. He has flashed both elite and poor play when the heat is turned up. Arm strength is above average. Easy thrower. Requires little effort to rip comebacks and seem throws. Plenty of arm to air out 60+. As a runner, he is good. Despite underwhelming rushing numbers, the game vs GAUN proved evidence that he can beat you with his legs when needed. He’s a long strider with above average speed to each chunks of grass in a hurry. Can MYM but more consistently a straight line runner. Overall, He is a toolsy QB who picks you apart with proper ball placement and the arm strength to make every throw. He flashes the ability to do just about everything at a high level.

One Liner

Toolsy QB w/ consistently accurate ball placement and a live arm. Although not utilized, AA to win big with his legs.



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