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How to Contact NFL Teams
The first, and most obvious, is utilizing the contacts that you have already created. Lean on them. Seek advice first. Ask them who the best person is to contact within the organization.
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The NFL Scouting Calendar
Detailed breakdown of the NFL Scouting Calendar including important dates like the NFL scouting hiring cycle, as well as scout’s roles and responsibilities during different months of the year.
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“Excellent work Michael. Your report structure has improved exponentially since your initial submission. Your one-liner was consise and to the point. I challenge you to get more creative with your descriptions, it seems that there is significant overlap in word usage between reports which could lead to a uniform evaluation across all your reports. Make sure to align your report with your critical factors and position specs. I challenge you to think critically about (player x) decision making as you gave him a (grade). Why was this grade given? Is it comparable, better, or worse than average? What in his game is developmental? Do you see acsension in his future? Is his level of play sustainable? How do you feel he would perform with improved supporting cast? These questions will help you really identify the ascension or decline potential of this player. Great work overall. Look forward to our 1v1 session.”

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