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Scouting Report- Will Levis



QB #7 Will Levis, KYUN, 2023

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SR. Aligns at QB for KYUN. Prototypical QB size. Plus height with a sturdy 230 frame. Transfer from PAST. Started his two years at KYUN. Displayed toughness and grit playing through injury throughout 2022. Skillset to be an exceptional QB with excellent arm talent and above average AA but needs to be a more consistent performer to become a quality starter at the next level. He was consistently hampered by poor supporting cast play and an offense that didn’t maximize his skill set. Production is not ideal for a high-level prospect. As a passer, he is talented. Smooth drop and easy feet. Ideal combination of tools with a quick release and a live arm. Flashes every tool necessary to excel but lacks consistency. Decision making is only sufficient. Once he sees it he can deliver a strike but has a tendency to make pre-snap decisions without regard for post-snap defensive movement. Offense didn’t fit his skillset. KYUN prioritized short, high percentage throws much like Justin Herbert at Oregon. He’s at his best when he can push the ball down the field. Accuracy at every level is good. Can place the ball in ideal locations. Arm strength is above average. No throw is out of reach but at his best when he has his lower half. Lacks creativity and playmaking in the pocket. Prefers traditional QB style that constantly leaves you wishing he could better elevate his team. Fails to wow you with timing and anticipation. He needs to see it before triggering. As a runner, he is average. Displays flashes of elite ability due to athleticism but not a creative or twitchy runner. He can, however, make you pay if you leave him unaccounted for. Overall, he is a QB with prototypical tools plus size and shows flashes of elite ability but lacks consistency in many QB intricacies that would lend itself to higher position specific grades.

One Liner

Prototypical QB w/ above average arm and physical tools but inconsistent position specifics.



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