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Scouting Report- Bryce Young



QB #9 Bryce Young, ALUN, 2023

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Jr. Aligns at QB for ALUN. Poor size; historically small in both frame and height. 2 year starter at ALUN. Won the Heisman trophy in his first year as a starter in 2021. Quality starter at the position who compensates for a lack of size with plus decision making, poise, accuracy, toughness, touch, and athleticism. Good mechanics. Quick and efficient release. As a passer, he is excellent. Pre and post snap processing is highly evident in his decision making. Identifies coverages and pressure types and attacks appropriately. Continues to work through his progressions as the play develops and frequently gets to his 3rd and 4th reads. Consistently finds the open guy downfield. Keeps the ball out of harm’s way with both his decision making and ball placement. Shows a willingness to throw the ball away when necessary. Naturally instinctive in the pocket. Can feel back and frontside pressure and has the balance plus wherewithal to maneuver the pocket and buy more time. Shows plus accuracy at all three levels. Has the ability to push the ball down the field with pinpoint accuracy as evidenced by his consistent ball placement on back shoulder throws. Lacks elite arm strength but has the ability to make difficult high-velocity throws. Can rip 15-yard comeback or the far-hash seem. Shows equally strong ball placement when forced to throw without his lower half. Off platform and out-of-pocket throws are consistently accurate. Touch and anticipation is elite. Consistently throws with proper timing and layered throws are sprinkled throughout his tape. Above average athletic ability means that he can both maneuver the pocket to buy time and take advantage of cover 0 with his legs. Size is a concern. Although he has the AA to avoid contact, he frequently attempts to buy time and therefore is susceptible to late cleanup shots. As a runner, he is good. Has the ability to make you miss in space and speed to run away from linebackers. However, running is frequently his last resort on tape. Additionally, consistent running will likely impact his ability to stay on the field. Overall, he is a cerebral QB who lacks elite tools but plays with great timing, can produce consistently due to decision-making and FBI, and has the consistent accuracy to perform like a true-playmaking point guard.

One Liner

Quality QB who compensates for historically small size w/ quality FBI, touch, timing, accuracy, AA, and decision-making.



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