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Scouting Report- Justin Fields


QB #1 Justin Fields, OHST, 2021

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Jr. Aligns at QB for OHST. Transferred from GAUN after his freshman season. Sufficient size; average height and above average weight. Rare 40 time at OHST pro day. Dual threat QB with exceptional physical tools who flashes elite position specifics but must improve his urgency, decision making, and overall consistency to reach his full potential. Displays clean mechanics. Tight, compact release. Will intermittently drop his elbow and sail the football. Smooth footwork and quiet feet but lacks pace in his drop. Experience taking snaps under center. Maintains a pass first mentality despite quality run ability. As a passer, he is talented. Does a good job pre-snap identifying mismatch opportunities. By all accounts, he has some autotomy in OHST’s offense. Displays the ability to identify blitz pre-snap and signal for hot routes. Despite really good physical tools, he has a tendency to be stagnant in the pocket irrelevant of surrounding pressure. Poise is consistently evident, however. Feet stay quiet and displays zero panic in a collapsing pocket. Quality poise and calm does have the negative affect of creating a lack of urgency in the face of pressure. Takes too many sacks. Gets to his second and third read in his progressions, although the pace can be slow. Does a good job getting his feet and shoulders realigned to his next target. Consistently maintains balance and proper throwing position as he maneuvers the pocket and steps around pressure. Propensity to keep his eyes downfield does diminish his escape ability. Stagnant feet leads to more batted balls then one would like. Tendency to aim the football in the short area affecting his accuracy at times. Does take off velocity to produce a more catchable ball. Can make every throw with precision when his mechanics are sharp and the pocket is clean. Accuracy in the intermediate is good. Ball will rise on occasion but consistently throws a catchable ball. Displays the arm strength, touch, and ball placement to attack the deep area. Displays the ability to throw well on the run, especially going to his right. Arm strength is good. Can make any throw required of him. Adjusts velocity well to layer the football. Does a particularly good job adding air on seams vs man coverage. Sufficient decision making. Displays poise in the face of pressure and has a feel for where his hot opportunities are. Counters the blitz by throwing at it. Takes care of the football. Only 9 career interceptions in 34 career starts. Issues in decision making arise when coverage is disguised. OHST’s QB friendly offense can oversimplify his decision making and creates issues when he misreads, particularly open vs closed MOF. Struggled with his DM vs INUN. Failed to quickly diagnose the defense and ended up passing on the easy throw to attempt high traffic throws. Propensity to make dangerous throws in an attempt to avoid sacks. Fails to manipulate coverage with his eyes. Slow pace and lack of urgency minimizes his ability to throw with anticipation. Frequently waiting for his first read to fully open rather than throwing before the break. Fumbling issue in 2019 but cleaned it up in 2020. As a runner, he is good. Athletic ability, suddenness, and speed to escape effectively and make plays with his legs. Really good straight-line speed but lacks elite wiggle and will need to protect himself at the next level by sliding and avoiding the slow spin he got away with in college. Fields toughness was on display vs SCCL after taking a significant shot to the ribs and providing a gutsy performance. Overall, Fields is a really good player. At his best, he can be rare. Has an exceptional combination of tools and, while he was inconsistent in 2020, his negative traits like lack of urgency are very correctable. To me, he has too many positive traits to not become a quality QB at the NFL level.

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Athletic QB w/ exceptional combination of physical tools but inconsistent due to lack of pace/urgency.

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