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Scouting Report- Trevor Lawrence


QB #16 Trevor Lawrence, SCCL, 2021

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Jr. Aligns at QB for SCCL. Good size; excellent height but lean, light frame. 3 year starter at SCCL. Led SCCL to a national championship as a true freshman in 2018. Difference maker at the QB position who has the ideal combination of size, athleticism, arm strength, football intelligence, accuracy, and run ability. Good mechanics. Quick release; efficient to the ear and ball is out. As a passer, he is exceptional. Benefits from a QB friendly offense that has a ton of RPO’s, slip screens, and bubble screens. Does, however, recognize pre-snap opportunities and attacks accordingly. Feels pressure well but has a bad tendency of throwing without his feet in the face of that pressure. Does utilize his legs well to maneuver the pocket and avoid sacks. Steps up in the pocket well to avoid the looping edge. Very good accuracy. Exceptional in the intermediate and deep. At times, short accuracy is affected by lazy feet. Consistently places the football for his receivers to have YAC opportunities. Can drop the deep ball in the bucket with relative ease. Excellent feel and placement of back shoulder throws. Consistently flashes NFL throws on tape. Has great feel for how to adjust velocity dependent on throw type. Really good at layering the football. Throws with precision off platform and without his feet. Arm strength is really good. Easy thrower. Ball pops out of his hand. Can make every throw required of him. Drives the far hash comeback. Adds velocity in tight window throws. Can attack the deep area on a line. Decision making is above average. Quick processor with a quick trigger. Trust in his arm does lead to some dangerous tight window throws but for the most part, takes really good care of the football.  Zero fear attacking the MOF. Identifies and attacks blitzes well. Displays creativity and improvision skills when the play breaks down. Frequently the victim of big hits but shows toughness and poise to take a hit to make a play. As a runner, he is good. Good athlete with deceptive speed. Can win the race to the edge on read options. Shows quality vision and cuts well off blockers backside. Lean frame is a concern from a durability standpoint. Would not want him running consistently at the next level. Overall, he is an exceptional player that has all the requisite traits needed to be a difference maker at the NFL level. Expect him to excel early in his career.

One Liner

Elite QB with ideal combination of size, AA, arm strength, accuracy, DM, and run ability. 

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"Potential Elite Starter"

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