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Scouting Report- Trey Lance


QB #5 Trey Lance, NDST, 2021

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JR. Aligns at QB for NDST. Good size; above average Ht & Wt combination. 17 career starts, only one game played in 2020. Dual threat QB who takes care of the football, shows accuracy in the short to intermediate level, and displays toughness, speed, balance, and finish as a runner. Mechanics are sufficient. Quick and choppy in his drop. Tight, concise motion. Tendency to really dip his weight prior to throwing. Does a good job mirroring his lower half with upper half. Shoulders are consistently aimed at the target and resets efficiently. As a passer, he is good. Maintains a conservative approach. Sufficient accuracy overall. Good accuracy in the short to intermediate levels. Deep ball accuracy is marginal and must be refined to reach potential. Ball placement is consistently on point short but diminishes on longer throws. Arm strength is just average. Struggles to really drive the ball downfield. Frequently leaves the deep ball short and inside or OOB. Deficient arm strength becomes particularly evident when throwing without his lower half outside the pocket. Strains to add velocity but does a good job adding air to increase throw distance. Decision making is really good. Takes care of the football. 28/0 TD to INT ratio in 2019. Propensity to pull the ball and run if first read isn’t available. Highly conservative nature limits turnovers but also limits big plays. Eyes are good. Can work to his 3-4 progression. Throws with good timing and anticipation, particularly on deep comebacks. Displays patience and poise waiting for his receivers to clear. Mobility and escape ability are both very good. Shows great strength and balance to fight through contact in the pocket. Maneuvers the pocket to avoid the rush well. Quick feet allow him to step up or side step the rush. As a runner, he is very good. Used frequently in the run game at NDST. Displays speed, strength, agility, and vision. Lacks elite wiggle but plenty to make the first man miss. Shows legit strength and toughness with the ball in his hands. His propensity to finish runs is commendable but he benefited heavily from his size vs subpar competition. He will need to protect himself more at the next level. Overall, he has the skillset to be a very capable starter at the NFL level. He is a smart, conservative decision maker who displays accuracy in the short to intermediate levels. Just an average arm but can compensate with timing and touch. Will be a very effective runner at the next level.

One Liner

Good-sized, smart & athletic QB who takes care of the football, displays accuracy short to intermediate, & is very good as a runner.

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"Potential Capable Starter"

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