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Scouting Report- Zach Wilson


QB #1 Zach Wilson, UTBY, 2021

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Jr. Aligns at QB for UTBY. Undersized; below-average Ht and Wt. 3 yr starter but broke out in 2020. Excellent 2020 production with 33/3 TD/INT ratio and 73.5% completion percentage. Benefited from weaker competition. Very talented QB with a combination of twitchy movements, lightning-quick release, excellent arm strength, and precision ball placement. mechanics are excellent. Compact with a very quick trigger time. Quite feet in his drop. As a passer, he is talented. Makes wow throws every single game. Arm is lively. Can attack any level of the field from anywhere, with or without his lower half. Feet and shoulders are quick to his target. Athleticism, quickness, and pocket awareness to maneuver the pocket with ease.  Agility and creativity allow him to make the first man miss consistently. Accuracy is above average. Precision thrower who avoids aiming the football in the short area. Rips the intermediate with quality ball placement and attacks over the top with proper ball location. Decision-making is average. Bit of a gunslinger mentality. Will pass on the sure throw for a potentially more rewarding one. Propensity to throw irrelevant of how tight the coverage is. Despite a high-risk tolerance for tight-window throws, he typically puts the ball where only his receiver can get it and therefore, rarely turns the ball over. Highly creative when the play breaks down. Utilizes multiple arm angles and throw types to get the ball to his open receiver. Shows good poise in the pocket. Can speed up his mechanics to get the ball out in the face of pressure. Arm strength is excellent. Ball comes out with absolute ease. Can produce velocity from any arm angle or platform. Rips the ball all over the field. Can be late with his processing yet still get the ball to his receivers on time due to release quickness and velocity. Competes are evident in how he plays. As a runner, he is good. Speed to pick up significant yardage and agility to make the first guy miss. Smaller frame and injury history create some worries about durability if he makes a habit of running at the next level. Overall, he is a QB with difference-maker potential due to elite arm strength and release quickness combined with good athleticism, poise, and mobility. Would like to see some development from a decision-making standpoint and durability is a concern at the next level.

One Liner

Super-talented QB w/ rare arm strength & release quickness combined with good accuracy, playmaking, & run ability. 

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